Phillida and Corydon

Friday, December 26, 2008


Phillida, a young girl was courted by a shepherd, Corydon. They meet in a wood during the month of may, when Corydon expresses his love for her. Phillida refuses saying that men are never true when comes to love.

Thus when she kept arguing, Corydon kisses Phillida. But she refuses to respond saying maidens are not supposed to kiss men. At the end, she accepts his love for her.

There are many versions to this story all interesting ones. The ballad ends with a happy ending, when Corydon makes Phillida, "The Lady of the Maye".

In the merrie moneth of Maye,
In a morne by break of daye,
With a troope of damselles playing
Forthe 'I yode' forsooth a maying;
When anon by a wood side,
Where that Maye was in his pride,
I espied all alone
Phillida and Corydon.
Much adoe there was, God wot:
He wold love, and she wold not.
She sayde, "Never man was trewe;"
He sayes, "None was false to you."
He sayde, hee had lovde her longe;
She sayes, love should have no wronge.
Corydon wold kisse her then;
She sayes, "Maydes must kisse no men,
"Tyll they doe for good and all."
When she made the shepperde call
All the heavens to wytnes truthe,
Never loved a truer youthe.
Then with manie a prettie othe,
Yea and nay, and faithe and trothe,
Suche as seelie shepperdes use
When they will not love abuse,
Love, that had bene long deluded,
Was with kisses sweete concluded;
And Phillida with garlands gaye
Was made the lady of the Maye.


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